Friday, March 11, 2016

MaNGOD writes


Acuity, the ability to see clearly, unlike the water in Flint, Michigan where the percentage of Black residents= 60

Understand in this and other European occupied lands there are casualties of war so R.I.P. the other 40% more sprinkled in with their klan

Hate so evident as to be associated with gentrification in Oakland where they call the popo on the muthafuqin mailman for the color of HiS skin

Then I see a video where the popo's questioning of a white dude's unlawful, and wouldn't You know... HE'S PROTECTED BY OUR OWN BLACK PEOPLE!!!

If that's not a case for acuity excuse Me cause what I clearly see is another example of slave mentality!

Where was all that acuity when they choked Eric Garner, killed Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and hundreds of other Black Sisters & Brothers... Could We not see with great clarity these atrocities???

We rant about being snubbed by Oscar nominations while Obama gives holocaust survivors millions and We get none... That's called white supremacy Son

Genocide worldwide is the referendum, fear of Our superiority has them popping off scatter guns and if We don't open Our EyEs and see the only resolution is Revolution then speaking with acuity, I'd say with relative certainty Our collective azz is grass and they've already won...have I made Myself clear?
 Black Lives Matter
 Renda Writer and his mural on a black cinderblock wall behind N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Arts, Detroit, Michigan

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  1. The election of the first African-American president of the United States has led to more widespread examples of racism than in recent decades, along with controversies over police ("popo") violence and systematic injustice. Several incidents reulted in persdistent and widespread media coverage and mass activism. In 2012 an unarmed 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin, was assaulted and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida; the assailant was eventually acquitted at his trial. In 2014 Eric Garner, being arrested in New York for selling "loosies" (single cigarettes), was died as a result of a choke hold; a grand jury declined to indict the arresting officer. In Texas in 2015 Sandra Bland was jailed for a minor traffic violation and was found dead in her cell three days later. Until 2014 Flint, Michigan,which is mostly African-American, received water from Detroit, which treated it with chemicals to reduce the leaching of lead from the pipes into the water, but a state-appointed "emergency manager," appointed by the governor to deal with the city's financial problems, switched to a Lake Huron supplier which did not treat the water; the result was a massive contamination that exposed some 6-12,000 children (as well as the rest of the city's population) to lead poisoning and may have also caused an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease that killed 10 people. The population explosion in the San Francisco-Oakland area has led to various gentrification projects in which affordable housing has been displaced by expensive homes, driving out many residents who can no longer afford to live there. In 2016 actors and others boycotted the Academy Awards presentation in Los Angeles in protest against its ongoing failure to nominate nonwhite performers for Oscars. A number of other examples could easily be cited.


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