Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes

Too Immortal to Die

The way you glide in and out of me,
Sensory overload...insurmountable bliss,
Swarming all around inside,
And that is just the kiss of your energy to mine.

Your lips when they touch,
Comparable to heaven's embrace,
Melting, overcome with need...
At the first taste.

Your hands, in any form upon my flesh,
Melt the world away,
There is nothing but the fire of your love...
Burning with embers that lick me from the inside out.

When all combine and wetness pools between my thighs,
Sweet, hungry love ensues...
Dipping deep into my core,
Passion embraces me unbridled within.

There is only you,
My flesh sings love songs with its shaking desire...
Never enough, couldn’t be...
When there was always enough before.

Frightening sometimes,
The time that lapses and still steals my breath..
In your arms the world is right...

No discontent could surface here.

It is not your mouth,
It is not your flesh, though those things make me delighted..
It is the sensation upon my soul and upon my flesh...
When your energy is tangled with mine.

Higher still each time we meet,

Not afraid of heights but afraid to fall..
Sweet delicious lust, fulfilling love..
Too immortal to die.

 Burning man

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