Monday, July 6, 2015

Wiliam H. Drummond writes

Is Korean Culture Brainless?

In early morning calm I see
A soju drunk taking a pee
A pavement pizza, two, then three
A normal day obviously

Is Korean culture brainless?
Does kimchi burn your anus?
Just stick around a while and you will see

The taxi driver is insane
He doesn’t keep to any lane
He drives a taxi, not a plane
I wish that I could take the train


At work incompetence gives way
To petty fights most every day
It drives me nuts, but what the hey?
No work gets done here anyway


When I am on my way back home
I’m called a shipalsekinom
Then someone shouts, “Yankee go home!”
How do they know I’m not from Rome?


At night I go to Itaewon
To watch the locals having fun
They gang on GIs ten to one
Policemen watch until they’re done


When I am lying in my bed
A nightmare comes into my head
You think I’d wake up, but instead
Korean culture’s what I dread

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  1. Living in Korea can be an unsettling experience for expats. Back when the Peace Corps was there, I've been told that Korea was number one on the list of countries that the volunteers wanted to get out of early -- and also number one on the list of requested extensions.

  2. An old one, written after a tough the tune of "Suicide is Painless", the theme from MASH.


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