Monday, July 6, 2015

Aparna Shiva writes


Ceaseless Knocks on My Door..
Fresh Arrivals to explore..

To invite in my lorn, serene home ...
To greet new stirs.. to meet THE UNKNOWN..

The "Rays" of radiating joy n happiness..
To 'brighten' the dark Corners, the gloomy Rooms...

The "shades" of stretching Aches and despairs..
To 'shaken' my strong Walls.. my steady Floor..

The 'storms' of towering anger, envy and greed to 'blow' ..
To' ruin' the calm, drapes on the window ..

The "breeze "of new realizations.. new awareness...
To soothe around and spread the redolence of illuminating experience..

All these UNKNOWN visitors..
I meet at my DOOR.. and allow to Enter..

With smiling eyes and greeting heart..

These Visitors are Sent to my HOME..
To guide.. to teach..
To let me learn..
New selffound NORMS..
Of This evertesting, This Everchallenging life..

They arrive...

To Test THE Strength.. The Base of my Premise..

To Check for the rachitic voids..
The falling feeble bricks..

To judge my self built in HOME..
To try My SOUL'S Strive..

I am grateful, My Sincere Obligation
To My Every Arrival,
To My Every Visitor,
In  my precious hearthstone..

To bestow on me The Chances, The Moments to discover..
'The roots' and 'The Stand 'of my HOME I Revere..

All I ASK of My Gracious LORD..
Ceaseless KNOCKS on MY DOOR..!!!
Ceaseless KNOCKS on MY DOOR...!!!

[Please let Shiva and other readers know what you think about her hard work.]

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