Monday, July 13, 2015

Heather Jephcott

The Nothing Face 

She looked into the mirror
for just a moment.

She saw nothing,
insignificancy looked back at her
nothing worthy of interest,
a nothing face
no major differences
no changes from yesterday.

It was morning
first thing.
Sometimes at this hour
the face peering at her
had softer, prettier, hues
the night having brought
peace and calm
and love sometimes still seemed to be speaking
through the eyes.

But all she noticed
this morning
were the odd spots
and even these
were faded
hardly worthy of detection.

Her dreams had been full
with an accompanying aggravation,
peculiar annoyances biting
adding negativity
to what should have been
a beautiful time.

She was beginning to realise
that she needed to forgive her dreams,
to wipe away any remaining
negative effects
whatever they might be linked to.

Soft hands, a gentle mind
was required to kindly lift
the various sensitivities picked up
from the insensitivity of others.

She was hoping,
for all harshness
to disappear
from her heart.

1 comment:

  1. When I look into a mirror all I see are the wrinkles and sags. It tales a poet like Heather to find more.


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