Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sharon Villaverde writes

Writing is like...

Writing is like making love
Creating amatory work to libidinal pleasure
Scribe a passion or desire of being indite
Cerebrally penned each curves likes carnal adventure
Seducing each line, crave, desiderate sublime
Writing is like giving birth
The emergence of infant from the womb
Cutting the euterian connection to geneture
Life forms in an erudite chef d’ oeuvre
A magnum opus animate its own

Writing is like drinking coffee
A beverage made by percolation
Roasted and ground seed decoction
Like a convivial theme drinking poetry
A streams of muse of pen scribes
Writing imaginative beauty of expression

Writing is like any other
A song, inspiration, or a muse
An experience of the soul
Become a child with life
Writing is like you giving life to the other you 

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  1. In four verses Sharon tries to explain the many ways a writer relates to his or her work.


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