Friday, July 10, 2015

Jeremy Toombs writes

Who Knows?

Who knows the way it goes
as the globe spins?
Conspiracies! Mysteries!
Who killed Kennedy?
Who Dr. King?
Did we land on the moon?
Why’d Lennon have to go so soon?

Who knows?
Who knows?
Who knows?

Who knows what my dad did in his youth?
He ain’t talkin’.

Who knows
is God is or is god ain’t?
Who knows?

When I contemplate zen koans
I feel as if nothing is known:
Hair on teeth
Drink tea
Clap Hand
Tree Falls
Silent Bang

What’s this thang there everybody’s talkin’ about,
some kinda trip or something folks are going on
in their own heads?
There’s too many people on meds these days.
Why don’t they just drink whiskey?
Who knows?

Like Mammaw always said
it’s hard tellin’, not knowin’.
Who knows?

1 comment:

  1. It's quite evident here that Jeremy is a man of (at least) two worlds, Kentucky and East Asia. But who would have thought that philosophical these two worlds would be so similar? Who knew?


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