Thursday, July 2, 2015

Conor O'Reilly writes

Yellow Brick Road

Not one of these 
golden cobble-locks
touch my soles as I walk,
just the grey concrete 
that turns black 
when it starts to rain.

The religious orders were right:
kneel, bow, pray, then pay 
for spires, stupas, and the likes.
Your votive donations fit 
cosily in coffers labelled:
'Save your souls!
Ticket to wherever guaranteed.
Buy now, pay later!
Excellentest of results guaranteed'.

No glint lies in the street.
No street leads to an Emerald City.
That way lies on an express-way 
with a toll of avarice and philanthropy.
Fear not, these investments are safe,
for years of grind and sweat
are rewarded with minimum wage.

Entrepreneurs lie silent in your grave,
your souls are saved.


  1. Or, as Bernie Taupin wrote in "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," addressing the privileged elite about to lose one of their baubles,"It'll take you a couple of vodka and tonics / To set you on your feet again."

  2. "….mongrels who ain't got a penny scratching for tidbits like you on the ground…." I continue to be fascinated by how Mr. Taupin could write the words from a distance and Mr. John could put them into a melody and make them match without communicating otherwise. "….spires, stupas and the like…" Nice poem. Thanks Duane.

  3. kevinpat -- welcome to the blog! I suppose that Bernie's lyrics usually get lost in Elton's rather bombastic music and delivery. But once one realizes what the song is about it adds tremendously to the totality.


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