Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo writes

The Invisible Thread

I'm your first baby, 
Always remain to be a little girl of my Daddy
You sheltered me under your strong wings,
Protected me from harm
With a solemn prayer
Each time I leave your side.

Even when I grew older
You still haven't outgrown treating me like a little girl,
I look up to you with such glorious respect
For you are a once in a lifetime Dad
We will never ever forget.

This invisible thread that connects us
They cannot decipher,
Maybe even if I’ll be counting years
Your serene face in my mind
Still can vividly remember.

In the heavens I know
You were welcomed by Grandpa and Grandma,
With such a warm embrace
Upon entering its Holy gates.

You like telling fond memories of your childhood
As me and my sister lie on bed with you
Every afternoon when we we’re still kids,
Your kind of music still lingers on
And your thoughtful love for us
We would truly miss.

You may have suffered in silence
Kept the pain just inside you
Worrying still about us
And even in your death bed
Your love for us you still showed.

The invisible thread that connects
The souls of a father and his daughter
Is truly special nothing can ever replace
For even if you’re at the other side
I still can feel your comforting touch
Each time I shed tears missing you.

** in memoriam of my late Dad, Roberto N. Castillo


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