Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Timothy Spearman writes

                                    A Poeture is Worth a Thousand Words

New Soul in the Heart of Seoul

A new Soul in the Heart of Seoul, her journey began in the interstellar mist of the Milky Way
Where she was ladled out of the sea of space by the Big Dipper and placed in the pot to stew,
A witch’s brew of sugar and spice she is a hodgepodge of what it good in the Mother and Father.

Like Lucaefarul, she was the Morning Star looking down on Creation not with condescension
But with supreme envy that the inhabitants of Earth dared to sport and play on Terra without her,
While she was relegated to the heavenly climes far above the mountain peaks that stretch their weary limbs into the outer reaches of the highest summits of the mounts of the gods.

Like a shooting star dashing across the Milky Way, she leaves a comet tail in her wake
Stars buffeting amid the waves and ripples made in the ocean of space and time as she passes;
Like a surfer, she rides time and tide to Terra’s shores where a long pincer of a peninsula
Juts like a wart out of the face of China, an aging and sleeping giant older than its own estimates of itself, so old it can’t count the rings on the trunks of the beheaded trees that dot its landscape.  

While still in heaven, she made a pact with a malevolent deity that she would betray the Father,
The solicitation made through Subterfuge’s soul contract, a contractual arrangement designed
To prevent the Father from assuming his throne, assuming he had attained his capacities,
The ascension to the throne, the ascension of the ages, the transformation of Heaven and Earth.

But the Heavenly Father could not be defeated by the spell he was born to dispel,
Not to be undone by Babylonian curses it was his business and capacity to see undone.

It is for that reason he chose to journey back in time to the lands of the pharaohs
Alighting in the Valley of the Kings, but unlike the tomb raiders and soul plunderers
Who steal the essences of the pharaohs of old so they can ascend Jacob’s ladder
To the far reaches of the universe in search of the Five I Wills of Lucifer,
His quest will be granted his request as he strives to return to the heavenly domains that are his natural and rightful home, for it is this place from whence he came and to which he will return at the end of time, when he and she will reunite in the Garden of the Lord, Krishnaloka, the heavenly planet, so bright and effulgent that its light eclipses the brightness of the brightest stars.  

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  1. The planet Venus is both the Morning Star and the Evening Star and has long been a feature of astronomically based lore. Sometimes the planet has been associated with Lucifer, who in turn is often regarded as Satan. The myths, legends, poems, and interpretations are inconsistent, however. For example, Mihai Eminescu published "Lucafarul" in 1883, the world's longest love poem. "Then Evening-star went out, His wings / Grow, into heavens dash, / And on his way millenniums / Flee in less than a flash. // Below, a depth of stars; above, / The heaven stars begem, -- / He seems an endless lightning that / Is wandering through them." The poem concerns a princess who falls in love with the planet/star and dreams of him at night. "He rises, darts his rays / And leads the blackish, loaded ships / On the wet, moving ways. // To look at him every night / Her soul her instincts spur, / And as he looks at her for weeks / He falls in love with her." In an effort to comsummate their love, Licafarul transforms himself into a series of unwordly manifestations, but each one falls short of her idealized image of him. Finally, at her insistence he determines to surrender his heavenly immortality to become mortal -- "'From that endlessness to which I / Am tied, I shall be freed!'" However, God refuses to grant his request, and the couple's love continues unrequited.


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