Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ogedengbe Tolu Impact writes

Awake! the change has come
Jubilant voices are heralding its arrival
Awake to the dazzling hope of revival
Awake the hour of liberation has come.
Awake to the chanting songs of awakening
The signs and times are now unfolding
The glory unveils from glory to glory
Awake to the fizzling of the gory story.
Awake to the dawn of a beautiful morning
The golden eyes are already shining
Awake to the fresh dew from above
Awake to the timeless monument of love.


  1. Note the change in rhyming scheme, from the quatrain ABBA to succeeding couplets. What does that accomplish in terms of presentation?

  2. That initial quatrain set up my mind for the "story" that was coming. Form aside, this is a poem of hope and joy, I think. At least that's the effect it had on me. Good job, Ogedengbe Tolu Impact!


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