Saturday, July 11, 2015

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo writes

Loving In Silence

At times, I’d like to utter “I Love You” to you
But I know they’re the three most important words that’s hardest to say when it’s true,
Words become empty, senseless, emotionless
When you gather the courage to speak them up,
But you can’t prove it otherwise.

I chose to love you in silence
For I know in doing this, I will feel no pain,
It’s only me who knows the raging feelings I kept inside
There’s no rejection loving you from afar
You’ll never understand that when our eyes meet, it’s already heaven for me.

“I Love You”
People tend to overuse these precious words time and again
But as years pass by, is the love still the same?
Will saying these repeatedly bring back memories,
When love was new and hearts can’t bid adieu?

Loving you in silence
Is my way of holding back the love I can give when I am made whole again,
When the scars have all been healed and have broken free from the chains
If you are the Right One for me then destiny would open its doors
And when that perfect moment comes, we would both say “I have loved you for the longest time”.

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  1. According to Elizabeth,
    “The most important things are the hardest to say, because words diminish them.” – Stephen King
    Out of this quote, I composed a poem in minutes about saying “I Love You”. It is all about choosing to love someone in silence and holding back saying these precious words until the Perfect Time comes.


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