Thursday, July 30, 2015

Adesola Oladoja writes

Be You
Never change for anyone
None is worth your sweat
Feel fine always, not forlorn
Lest you we greet with wreath
Don't expect your words to count
Where they want it not
Don't go shout on any fount
Just to make the cut
Do your best
Be your friend
Rejoice always lest
Your glee soon ends
And when you remember
That you didn't live as you
You'll say alas members
I miss my precious due
So forgive hurts
Laugh alone
Know your worth
It exceeds billions
Walk head held high
Live aright
Let your foes sigh
Or take their flight
And if they want
The you you are
End their wants
Bring down the bars
Do be sure
Be very sure
Hell sure
they are sure
Of their wants

1 comment:

  1. These stanzas are a series of ABAB quatrains until the last stanza, which is a plea which in its urgency abandons the formalism of the rest of the poem.


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