Sunday, July 26, 2015

Maria Egel writes


With you at the helm we have become terrorists
we see the hidden shadows, black teeth dripping with greed
and so does the world.
You spout forth words of love and freedom
while tightening the noose, aiming to maim.
Sanctity of life you preach
protector of sterile ova, saved in test tubes
waiting to be flushed into the sea
while innocence is fodder for your guns.
You promise progress and democracy
while doling out despair.
How do you outrun the nightmares of your sleep?
We have become docile cowards.
Not for the first time in the history of man.
But, it is all for the betterment of humankind you say,
No, it is just terror
hiding under the mantle of different colors.
It went from hooded white
scurrying like rats to the pitch black night
to the philosophy of “red”
and its menacing echos
to sharp greys and black boots,
trampling all decency
to black figures, strapped with pounds of death
and now,
to all hues of brown and green,
the colors of our mother earth


  1. Maria grew up in Nazi Germany, so she knows about the "sharp greys and black boots" worn by the Party leaders.

  2. The closing four lines echo in my memory of this poem


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