Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kannadasa Dasan writes


Let the hatred from others act on me
And improve my verses!
Let the love of mine reflect on others
And bring them cheers!

There is no power in this universe
To stop anyone’s action!
Weal flows from virtue alone.
The rest is vain!

Look upon your child as a nurse,
Not as a father!
Look upon another child as a mother,
Not as a stranger!

Desire is never satisfied by enjoyment.
Enjoyment increases desires!
For the good of you and humanity
Reduce your desires!

The God of the Christians is also
The God of the Hindus!
He is the creator, preserver,and
Destroyer of the universe!

Spirituality does not exist in theories
Or in great philosophies!
One who cannot speak, read and write
Can be perfectly religious!


1 comment:

  1. The master of the off-rhyme again displays his subtle poetry, this time on the 2nd and 4th line of each quatrain. In so doing he moves from a prayer for personal grace to a contemplation on proper behavior toward others to theological discourse -- all in six short verses.


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