Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gene Baird writes

A Father's Love - Part 1

SGT REGGIE FOSTER: A returned combat veteran who has come home early because his daughter was abducted from home.

REGINA: SGT Foster’s wife who was killed while sleeping the night of the abduction.

LARRY BONNER: A used car dealer who sold the Fosters their last car.

ROXXY: Larry’s estranged wife.

DETECTIVE RON BURNSIDE: The investigating detective and old friend of Scott.

SARA: Reggie’s 4-year old daughter.

SCOTT: Reggie’s brother and US Army DCIS agent (Defense Criminal Investigation Service).

OFFICER MALONE: a random police officer.

Logline: A Father’s Love is a story of just how far a combat veteran and father would go to protect the ones he loves and how little anything else means to him while doing so, using weather conditions, his training, and absolute persistence on a military installation with the nation is in an ongoing war overseas.

Scene i: At the Foster’s home on Ft Campbell, the police are in position investigating a crime scene when soldier/husband returns.

Scene ii: In a hotel room, Foster on the phone with his information aggregate.

Scene iii: At the perpetrator’s house, Foster arrives to attempt his rescue.

Scene iv: At the police station Scott and Detective Burnside talk law and reality.

Scene v: Outside the police station walking to their happy ending, Scott and Sarah.

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