Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo writes


You were just a speck of stardust in my sky
Floating, lingering, a faded memory I can’t deny,
The swirling galaxy in my head, my star from another universe.
It’s been hundreds of light years since JOY dawned on me
Didn’t notice you before as I’m too pre-occupied being captivated by CENTAURUS,
You were just there, one of the LIGHTS in my own constellation but I was too blind to see.

One day my life had a complete turn around
Just staring at your serene face takes me to the Heavens,
Like a LIGHT illuminating my path spreading good CHEER
Removing me from a dark hole of OBLIVION.
You’re like a NEBULA which left my heart amazed
And here I am standing right before my FUTURE,
ANDROMEDA is waiting for her ORION’s heart to awaken
For them to share eternity in a lost world that is yet to be discovered.

Your star and my star sometimes COLLIDE,
But your beam keeps on striking me even from afar
The fierce look in your eyes tells me something you can’t simply hide
Yes, you are drawn to my radiant ANGELIC glow…
DESTINY and space will let our SOULS meet time and again
In a thousand reincarnations I have seen your many faces…
There’s always something familiar about YOU anywhere we meet.

My DREAMS would take me sometimes to a far away planet in the MILKY WAY
METEORS and COMETS accompany me to the path leading again to you…
You’re a BEAUTIFUL mess of neon hues circling my mind like the rings of SATURN
The son of VENUS …
Yes, it’s always been YOU in a trillion lifetimes, I have been following YOU
My constellations will help me to tell YOU how PRECIOUS  you are, my ORION.

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  1. "Didn't notice you before as I'm too preoccupied being captivated by Centauarus." Not the usual pick-up line or response to one....


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