Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ceri Naz writes

My Dream Inventions

 Automatic DNA Matcher

It won’t take you time to fall in line
Or wait for 365 days or multiple decades
For the Forensic results
For sure no creepy figures to pay
Your laboratory test like gold
The chip is a multi-monitoring system
Multi-faceted reflection that goes viral
Fingerprints and profiles appear in 30 seconds
And will tell who you are
Multi-systematic program that vibrates
Once you get to meet the unknown individual
Voila! Your feature is alien or human identified
Useful to trace children, parents, siblings to reunite
It will simply answer your investigation
It can track felonies and hoodlums
Easy way to find and hunt them
And be charged in the cells of justice

Exoplanet Teleporting Kites
( A Dream For The Beyond Future)

My EXOPOWERED class are trained
To be interstellar and intergalactic travelers
With their flying multi-shield and gravity-kites
Designed for the teleportation of human race
Or find other Earthlings and Earthlike planets
Where no global warming exists 
No hurricanes and horrible storms
No hunger and no violence
No poor and unemployed
We can go there in our beyond future
If Mother Earth will be ill
And needs to transform like paradise
Instant Teleport!  And save the best for last


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