Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Isoboye Danagogo writes

I Never Knew

Piths of epitaph
Could place many so decorated
All I knew, was blood
And strop of lying corpse,

Soaked in lifeless pools
Rhythm of guns aratataratarta
Melodious blast grenade splits skins
Kind mind bombs greet sleep
GAZA where suffer smooth stress

Terror strim starvation
Dying bed, sleep on so sleeplessly
I wish I knew
How deep scarves surface

Pill living from the famine skin
I saw hell embracing heaven
Night and day, slay before terror
Good morning between bad ageless noon
GAZA burnt too smelling
Behind my worries I left suffering
Before me I tasted the uncooked tears
Boiled my sorrow through a cry
I was filled so empty, with breath of good war
Good people were killed by good violence


  1. This poem moves through irony and the opposition of ideas, taking horrible actions and giving them positive attributes.

  2. This poem depicts the violent nature of our society where humans are being slaughtered daily like rams. The poet is in pain too because he, like thousands others had "tasted an uncooked tears." But the beauty of this poem lies in the artistic ability of the poet to control his tense emotions by employing exquisite oxymoron like "good war" and "good violence".

    I respect this poet!


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