Friday, July 31, 2015

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo writes

The Hand That Rocked My Cradle

Picture this, a mother and her adorable baby
With the setting sun at the background
She holds the tiniest hands as tears fall on her cheeks
Expressing the love for her child
Overflowing through the deepest core of her heart.

The velvety sky with tinges of orange, yellow at the far horizon
Mixes with the blue crystal-clear waters
Small waves dancing as if swaying to the rhythm of the mother and child's moment
As her feet touches the fine warm, white sand by the shore.

The mother's face is likened to that of a beautiful full moon in all its glory
Beaming brightly with each smile of her little angel wrapped in her arms
Oh, what a scene to see, a masterpiece can be created
In a single second captured by either a great artist's hand or through a photographer's nice shot.

Once the baby grows up and sees this scene, she'll reminisce and utter
"This is the hand that rocked my cradle, what a wondrous experience it is to be born
With her as my mother, a beautiful creation of God, I need not ask for more.
She has given me the best things in life and showered me with enormous love."


  1. In her previous posting, Elizabeth paid tribute to her father. Now, she does the same for her mother.

  2. thanks for the feature again, Prof. Duane :)


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