Sunday, April 8, 2018

Karen O'Leary & Sunil Sharma write

The Wolf Howls
I have seen evening
sad and coughing
like an old widower
in a solitary home
in suburban Mumbai.
~~it's the hub of riches~~
On a train, a woman
is molested as another
passenger filmed
a video “gone viral.”
I weep for her pain.
~~and violence hits

YouTube around
the world…the norm
and addiction to hate~~


  1. Last Thursday night on a coach reserved for the differently-abled and cancer patients on the Central Railway network in suburban Mumbai, Rafique Chinkan Ali Khan, a 35-year-old taxi driver, was videotaped beating and molesting a woman. The handicapped passenger who shot the video on a cellphone after boarding the train at around 11 pm claimed a constable was in the next coach but was unable to intervene since the train was moving and the coaches were separated by a barricade; the passenger asked him to pull the chain but the constable refrained from doing so, though he allegedly tried to dissuade the man from continuing his assault. Ali Khan was detained on charges of molestation, causing hurt, criminal intimidation, and attempted murder. According to the GRPF the woman used to lend him money on a friendly basis and was demanding that he return the money that he owed her.

    1. Dear Duane,

      In research so that I could add something to Sunil's stanza. This is a sad reality of too many places, too many brutal attacks and too many people standing by and not one intervening to help this woman being attacked. Yet, the guy pretending to help this woman did nothing except splash it on YouTube, sharing this for a world wide audience.

      It's sad that not one person on this train, including the constable helped her. The man that claims he did what he could, getting notoriety and probably some financial gain from this attack and fueling the possibility of others trying to get their few minutes of fame. Many have become immune to violence and actually laugh at things like this.

      It's sad to stumble on this, a former nurse, who worked in Emergency medicine. Loud noises could have scared this cowardly abuser away, but from what was given here. No one helped this woman. Duane, I hope you consider taking this video down. I really appreciate your consideration. Thank you for publishing our poem.

      Another sad day for humanity,

  2. Dear Duane,

    Thank you so much for honoring my request. This tells me that you are a man of integrity. It's not always easy being an editor walking a fine line. I look to share more poetry at your beautiful site. Best wishes!


  3. Poems such as this one are important to make people more aware of abuses which occur so frequently, and yet, very often no steps are taken, especially when the victims are female. Thank you for posting Sunil and Karen. ~ Regards // paul

  4. Dear Paul,

    I agree. Abuse is so sad--some never get over the trauma. Thanks for stopping by.



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