Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Jeremy Toombs writes

Lightning brightens the night for a moment.
The imprint on mind lasts longer.
Thunder rolls around the sky.
Thunder rolls around the sky.
Rain keeps falling.
My folks are sleeping unless the rainfall on the roof,
the thunder or the lightning woke them.
Lightning gets brighter.
Thunder gets louder.
Rain falls harder, shakes the leaves.
I hear a roar off northeast of here. Sounds like a train.
Like a train horn blowing, like a train rumbling.
Train or wind, it’s moving down now, away.
Rain, thunder, lightning moving on, away.
Rain falls gentle now.
There’s a smell in the air: I can’t tell you about it.
Crickets singing now.
What else can be said
about a regular old spring storm?
 Image result for thunderstorm at night paintings
 Night Thunderstorm -- Ferruccio Borgogno

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