Monday, April 30, 2018

Buks writes

3 poems
Its Certain That Moment Will Come
Like A Shadow In The Night
It Reaches And Touches My Emotion
Still Unexpected, It Hits Me Like Lightning
Didnt Know What Happened To Me
Losing My Way Of Living My Way Of Doing
Am I Still That One Who Never Fell Down
There is You Like An Angel Bright And Shining
Touching My Heart My Feelings My Thinking
Nothing Is Or Will Be The Same Anymore
What Counts Is Reality, My Love
Livin In A World Of Fear Aint No Living
Fighting For My Doing My Way Of Living
Against A Wall Of Madness Idiotness
Will I Go On Walking That Road To Nowhere
Taking That Decision I Made A Long Time Ago
Finishing The Road I Have Traveled Or Shall I Go On
Waiting For The Day That Certainly Will Come
Looking At The Sky For A Signal The Answers
For Sure I Know It Wont Happen How Long I Look
Being Old Isnt The Problem, Its Getting Old
With All That Causes In A Physical Way
They Dont Understand Whats Going On In My Mind
Knowing And Remembering That The Sun Shines Brightly
Still Behind The Clouds That Keeps Me Going
In Life Things Happen
Without Knowing Who Or Why
In A Way Dreams Gone By
Like Loving You With All I Have
My Heartbeat Is Like A Song About You
In My Mind Seeing The Things We Could Have
Seeing We Can Do If Your Heartbeat Is The Same
In A Rhythm Of Togetherness Walking On The Road
Looking In Your Eyes Hearing Your Voice
Whispering In Your Ears Sweet And Softly
I Love You With All My Heart My Life My Everything
Things Happen Not Always The Way We Wanted
Why Will It Not The Way We Wanted Just To Love

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