Saturday, April 14, 2018

Nalini Priyadarshni writes

We Are The Wild Things

We are the wild things
that grew up too soon 

and submitted to taming, only to be

haunted by dreams of wilderness the rest of our lives

We are the wild things 

that looked wide eyed at the ordered world 

and let it entice us with the fallacy 

that perfect is better than good

We are the wild things

that fell in love with moon

and thought shackles are garlands

that all lovers must be adorned with

We are the wild things 

that wore their yokes of charity

with Dunkirk-spirit

but longed to fly away every night

We are the wild things 

that survived the banality of wont

and found a way to sow our oats 

hitching a ride on whirlwinds

We are the wild things

lathered with wild honey and hibiscus pollen

waggle dancing in forest fire

heedless, pinned against time

We are the wild things

that refused to be tamed 

cleaving to our wantonness

as our last act of charity
Shackles of nature by AnikaNagpalArt
Shackles of Nature --  Anika Nagpal

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  1. Dunkirk was a british Thoroughbred steeplechase racehorce that won the 1965 National Hunt Two-Mile Champion Chase (renamed the Queen Mother Champion Chase in 1980) by 20 lengths. The following year he was leading the King George VI Chase but crashed through a fence he was leaping and broke his neck. A veterinarian's report concluded that he was suffering from equine flu and was already dying before the fall. The horse has the 7th-highest Timeform highweight rating that measures "the merit of the horse expressed in pounds and is arrived at by careful examination of its running against other horses using a scale of weight for distance beaten which ranges from around 3 lb a length at five furlongs and 2 lb a length at a mile and a quarter to 1 lb a length at two miles".


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