Monday, April 16, 2018

Arlene Corwin writes

Why Am I Afraid To Die?

Why am I afraid to die?
I’ll lose my I, that’s why.
I’ll miss my my.
It’s all about the ego, which
Means me in mind.
And that’s worth the examining!

So, how to do it?
Why not just say, “Screw it, for
It’s not important?”
Well, it’s inner pain, the seed of fear.
What is there to miss?
Belongings? Passing piss.
Family, friends? A wilderness!
We think that we’re in sync’
With lives and destinies.
Realities are singular: theirs, yours.
It’s all illusory.

The things you own are goin’, -
When, you can’t foresee.
You’ve no authority.
Next, there is the fear of disappearing.
Consciousness without a hope of bliss
Or at the very least some happiness -
Not there – forever: me, my, I dissolved to atoms;
Nothing but a flotsam, jetsam,
Maybe some becoming stardom;
Part of some unearthly system
We, of course, can never fathom
With no meaningful Arlene,
No me-niverse to be a part of.
 ‘Abandon…hope…’ said Dante, for
We are not free.  We’ve no control.
“Nope!” say we, and stay afraid.

Ego should be renamed let-go,
Letting-go from now or here.
So why am I afraid to leave this joint?
There is no point.

Ego Death by Spagheth
Ego Death -- Spagheth

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  1. Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.
    -- Dante, "Inferno" Canto III

    This line is often translated as "Abandon hope all ye who enter here." But the word "all" modifies hope, not those who enter: "ogni speranza" means "all hope." Henry Francis
    Carey's 1814 blank verse translation is the origin of the phrase, and he got it right: "All hope abandon ye who enter here. .


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