Saturday, January 26, 2019

Pramila Khadun writes

Paris, ne pleurs pas

Paris, ne pleurs pas,
Paris, don’t cry.
My heart bleeds
Seeing the aftermath of the disaster,
Worst one after World War Second.

It gives me shivers
To see victims writhing in pain,
The dead and the alive
Calling for their dear ones,
Congealing our blood.

Tears have become frozen lava trails,
The tears of terror, the terror of tears,
The out-pours of mothers’ hearts,
Lovers’ agony, fathers’ faint trickle of hope
And friends’ despair, all rallying around
A cause, the cause for saving lives.

There are so many beautiful things,
So beautifully offered by Planet Earth,
To cater for our needs, safeguard our interests
For a sustainable development, peace and progress.
Will the impeccably dressed leaders
With green jade cigarette holders,
Smiling enigmatically take a decision
To spread peace and love around?

‘Peace does not mean the absence of war’,
But war means the absence of peace.
Take away then inequalities, respect human rights,
Establish discipline of thinking and behaving,
Be compassionate, open your doors,
Rearrange your mind, empty the dirt out
And a new world order will emerge
Where peace will prevail
And the spirit of brotherhood bloom.

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  1. On 13 November 2015, about 20 minutes after the beginning of an international friendly football match between France and Germany, attended by French president François Hollande and German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a security guard at the national sports stadium, the Stade de France, in the northern suburb of Saint-Denis, discovered a suicide vest on a man trying to enter. The suicide bomber detonated the bomb, killing himself and a bystander. Two confederates were ready to attack the fleeing crowd after he had set it off inside the stadium; 1 of them blew himself up about 10 minutes after the 1st, and 23 minutes later the 3rd vest went off at a nearby McDonald's restaurant. Meanwhile, near the Canal Saint-Martin, attackers shot at diners on the rue Bichat, killing 15 and critically injuring 10 more; a few blocks away another man killed 5 and wounded 8; 2 other gunmen slew 19 and injured 9; and a suicide bomber killed himself and injured 15. And, simultaneously, 3 men assaulted the Bataclan theater during an Eagles of Death Metal concert; the attack lasted 20 minutes, police shot one of the attackers, who detonated his vest, and the other 2 took 12 concertgoers hostage. The police assaulted the theater, and the terrorists detonated their vests; 90 people were killed. The co-ordinated attacks were perpetrated by 3 3-man teams; 7 of them died at the scene, and 5 days later the police raided a hide-out in Saint-Denis, killing the 2 remaining murderers and capturing 8 more. Most of the terrorists were French or Belgian citizens of Arab descent, and 2 others were Iraqis.


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