Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pramila Khadun writes

Push a little harder

When I look at the fields and the fawns,
The vibrant and engaging voices
Of the labourers working under the sun
And the golden crops swaying in the breeze,
I think of nature
Which must have said to man,
Push it a little harder.

When the child is sulking in silence
Seeking for neither fortune nor favor,
And caressing her pristine plumage
With a sense of self-pity and lack of love,
God says to the mother,
Take care of the child,
All she needs is love,
Push it a little harder

When the power of creation
Strikes the scientist`s mind
And his indefatigable quest for innovation,
While his wife knits a long-sleeve sweater,
A voice gently says to him,
Push it a little harder.

When the lover is lost
In the fabulous glory of his love,
Grown mellow with age,
He compares the contemporaneity
With the antiquity of the art of love making.
He arouses another vein of creativity
While his ladylove softly whispers
With a deep moan in her voice,
Push it a little harder.
Science Lab Painting - The Laboratory, 1895 by John Collier
The Laboratory -- John Collier

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