Saturday, January 26, 2019

Aabha Rosy Vatsa


Born female
I am the perennial Spring
Splendid lazy Summer
The warmth in Winter
And fruitful mellow cheer of Autumn
I am a woman

I believe in goodness and purity
Marvel at avalanches and sand dunes
Nature is my second skin 
As I too
Nurture and bring forth life
I am a woman

I love deeply 
With all my being
Rooted in belief and loyalty
I hurt too and shed a few tears
Brace up, heal and applaud myself
I am a woman

Romantic by birth
And philosophical by nature
Motherhood completes me
Fulfilling my larger than life desire for life
I trust, but balance heartbreak
I assume and burst forth from tragedy
I am a woman

Like a river
Brazen and bold in youth
I overcome all adventures and pitfalls
Aging gracefully
Into the most beautiful species
I am a woman
Art: I Am Woman by Artist Ulrike 'Ricky' Martin
I Am Woman -- Ulrike "Ricky" Martin

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