Thursday, January 24, 2019

James Walton writes

too milky, this mix 
These are the last tarmacs
a final touchdown for the weary
songs of sleep
the four stroke engines prevail
opaque by the window seat
as pronounced as flak
you fly above the waking
old levers catching
one eye opens, a wheel down
fall below the radar
it’s all enigma these days
once I saw the face of Jesus
in a pancake
tried twelve pikelets
looking for apostles
this is why clouds
are sky sea reversals
hiding low tide shrapnel
a satellite crashes in the desert
how may hearts stall
frills rise to witness?

1 comment:

  1. The Welsh "bara piglydd" became anglicised as "pikelet." It is not cooked in a ring, like a crumpet is, so it is thinner and has a more freeform shape. The pikelet has been called a "poor man's crumpet" because its batter was dropped freely into a pan by people who were unable to afford the rings needed to make crumpets. Pikelets taste like pancakes, since they are made from a batter of flour, eggs, and milk, but the most distinct difference is in texture. Pikelet batter is slightly thicker, so they are heavy once they rise in the pan, but pancakes are generally cooked flat with a light, fluffy texture. In addition, pikelets are usually made with yeast, while pancakes are always made with baking powder.


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