Saturday, January 26, 2019

John Sweet writes

one for the here and now

or these assholes with their
idea of guns as freedom

these false kings bleeding shit
from their mouths, from
their eyes, and all they ask is
that you die quietly

all they offer in return is the
barren womb of god
Image result for skip rohde paintings
Pleasantville -- Skip Rohde

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  1. gary Ross wrote and directed "Pleasantville" in 1998 about 2 high school students who become trapped in a fictional 1950s black-and-white 1950s situation comedy. The era's sexual and racial mores were exposed and challenged by modern attitudes Ross claimed his movie was "about the fact that personal repression gives rise to larger political oppression... That when we're afraid of certain things in ourselves or we're afraid of change, we project those fears on to other things, and a lot of very ugly social situations can develop."


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