Saturday, January 19, 2019

Alicja Kuberska

The Taming of Time

I returned home
And the hearts of old clocks began to revive.
I like it when they play merry melodies 
And tap out dancing rhythms. 
The calendar lost a lot of pages 
And turned the past into present.


I forgot about something and didn't do it.
I do not despair, I do not spin a vision of a parallel reality.
I accept the present day.
And bear the consequences of my errors.
It is hard, but I cannot change the course of history. 

I smile indulgently at my reflection in the mirror. 

We patiently tame the time together
And turn an enemy into a friend.

Over the years,

I have learned to approve of my imperfection.
Reproduction oil paintings - George John Pinwell - The Old Clock, 1863
The Old Clock -- George John Pinwell

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