Monday, January 28, 2019

John Patrick Robbins writes

Poison The Well

There is peace somewhere.
It exists away from all you're bullshit.
I cannot stand noise or people anymore.
I see liars embrace and hacks praised for taking a shit in public.

Selling it as high art.
Fools ignore the stink.
I want to be alone.

I cannot stand any scene for it's fake at best and built upon hollow words.

If you want to write simply write.

Workshops are for con artists and sad house wives who would rather write about the lack of a good time between the sheets.

If your work doesn't bleed some truth or make a damn bit of sense

Then you are probably what they call a modern day poet.

And you are then you are exactly what I am trying to avoid at all costs.
Poet Smoking -- Djordje Ozbolt

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