Sunday, January 13, 2019

Pramila Khadun writes

The Domain in your Heart

I hold in low esteem the riches of this world 
For I came not to seek for wealth, 
I came to seek for love. 

I  have always been too fragile 
To confront this temporal world, 
Void and empty, neither bright nor vivacious. 
I often felt lonely, orphaned and abandoned 
Having no one to rely on 
For  soul sustenance and heart consolation 
And most importantly love. 

My culture unsophisticated, 
My outside unpretentious, 
Hiding not behind the mask of cosmetics 
And my inside in-artificial, hiding a secret, 
Though not attaching too much significance 
To the rough path of mundane existence. 

I have never felt any anger, 
Like pulsating lava cascading 
Or looked at the weary wars 
With a sardonic sense. 
Ethereal soul, wandering like a Summer breeze, 
Watching at the same old world 
Spinning on and on,  
I waited for love. 

I waited for that love, 
Which like the sea would stretch beautifully 
Into eternity. 
I believe in the seductive power of love 
And its original vision, 
Where faith doubts not 
And hope despairs not. 

And when I met you, 
My pulse began to throb. 
I knew you are the sun 
That would bring light to my days. 

You are not an object to be possessed 
And yet, there is a domain in your heart 
Which I can claim to be mine. 
There, where there is eternal peace, 
I reside 
While the fragrance of the hyacinth 
Blends perfectly with the jasmine.  
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