Thursday, January 24, 2019

Gabriella Garofalo writes

Why the hell are they so blind?
Walls, locked doors, barring eyes  
Against neighbours seeking shelter? 
Look, blame the mornings and their light, 
So harsh in highlighting shapes,  
So prone to tantrums any time you say 
‘For God’s sake, do fade!’ 
If memory serves it all started  
The night when twilight was fighting with darling sweet sea, 
A fierce fight indeed, of course the clouds stroked a riot,  
The cells followed suit, both eating away limbs and skies - 
How dared they?  
Yet they did and don’t forget some scatty campfires  
Had already broken souls like breadsticks - 
Hard to believe, I know, the onlookers,  
Be they fretting grannies, doting parents, dazed children - 
Tried hard to grab the gist, but failed even  
With the help of papers and pundits- 
Hard to believe I know, not flowers nor toys can stop demise,  
Eyes wide open she simply shakes her head,  
Grumbles to herself, shrugs the matter off - 
No escape by flowers or toys if the daughters of time  
Who think themselves the grandest chicks in town, 
Sure, dream on, yeah right, 
Named winds, life, demise, 
Yet didn’t bother with a healthy nurture - 
Healthy? You must be joking! 
Rejections are the healthiest way to end the hours 
Before sleep turns up late like a lion, 
Before the shadows in your mind go berserk 
And your lips taste sickly, the drops, yes - 
But why bother? 
Look, don’t cheat, wasn’t your last thought  
‘Darn, at dawn I’ll breathe again!’ 
O lucky guests, my dearest cherry blossoms,  
September so ready to make you tumble into dirty ruts, 
But ‘I’, that pronoun, isn’t that lucky, it must go on, the only cold comfort  
A sound that reminds you of wings sprouting up 
For words to fly, yes, that’s what we hope - 
At least a bit higher.  

Failed Flying Lessons -- Anthony Duce

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