Monday, January 11, 2016

Satya Pattnaik writes


I feel the breath of green shoots
Touched with earthly smells
When the summer goes off
To sign the pact of cruelty

My soul awakes in every season
Of leafless syllables foliage to dream
Feel the immensity even in emptiness with a reason to live

So before the sky goes desolate
Flowers wither and fade
Summer boots out the green

I call the birds
Offer my smiles instead of pains
Tears I shade for rains
And request not to sell the spring
Do not leave the world sad and lonely
Keep alive your chattering box for the world where we live

I invite the vast of sky
Offer all my loneliness
Talk to the silent constellations
Seize by the depth of blue
Stretch my arms
Pound with joy
Embrace the stars with intense warmth and love
Request not to sell the spring
Bright inside the world where we live
Do not leave us sad and lonely
Ignite every summer bone with the
Fire of spring

Don't sell the spring
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