Sunday, January 24, 2016

David Norris writes

Singapore Lady
poems for a dancer

Singapore tonight won't be no no
not tonight too many strings pull
too tight in opposing directions
lady of the golden hair lady of
the night


she turned and turned
me into a doorway of
confusion she reflected
in the shiny glass laughed
knew I was following
curious why I was so
obvious yet so shy so
confusedly timid about
wanting her wanting her
every step walked I
walked in turn still turn
ing into the same building
watching her watching me
until she disappeared with
another man looking back once


eyes that don't look away
eyes that hold no fear of man
of life of why when it is
time to deal deal what 
with the situation tell
me tell me I know what
to do do you


so I write turn
to my words for
comfort sweet
comfort come
from invisible
lips lips full
shiny in the dark 
soft lips of a
woman woman
of the golden 
hair woman of
the night the dark
dark night where
secrets stay
where the dance
of time cascades


fountain water fall
mountains of green
and yellow lands
of sunshine warmth
full stomachs and
peace sweet sweet
peace beneath sway
ing trees


all day hard to believe I thought
of calling you but number lost
in pages of thick book number
at home but couldn't go home
home wish you were home
wish you were by my side
come to stay by me come to
stay all night late goodbyes
too hard too hard watching
you walk into the night into
the dark Orient into the
mystery you disappear


Singapore Lady I sing
your song all day in
reverent silence no
one hears no one knows
the song inside my head
the song of travel the
song of the ride the wild
horses that run by the sea
run naked the full moon
by our sides we find one
another running free into
the night the mystery night the night
of you and me of what a man
and a woman may truly
share the song of waves
tide rushes in rushes out
foam turns white into the
night and you look so beautiful
beside me

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