Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jake Cosmos Aller writes

Long Live the Great and Powerful One

While walking in the misty morn of yore 
One dismal dark decaying depraved day
I was suffocating with the sounds of the dying city

Slowly coming to life with the dawning sun 
Surrounded by the sounds of chaos, disorder 
Dark, dangerous despairing thoughts 
Of dangerous terrible acts to come

All around me in this strange era we live in 
These orange alert perpetual fearful times  
Constant fear and overwhelming dread

Mad crazed Islamic bomb throwing terrible terrorists 
Hiding under every bed, lurking around every corner 
Conspiring with the murderous criminals of yore 
Just waiting to attack god fearing Christian citizens

Murdering them in their sleep, blowing up schools 
Blowing up buses, cars, buildings 
Murdering in the name of their demented god 
Screaming God is great as they behead us all

As I walk down that street 
In the dead calm of the early morn 
Filled with fulsome fears of who know what

I look up and see a giant gargoyle 
Looking down at me, smirking at me, laughing at me

I yell out to the gargoyle, say, Mr. Gargoyle 
What is so damn funny? Don't you know there is a terror alert

Have you seen any Islamic terrorists lurking about?

The gargoyle laughed and laughed 
Said, ”Terror alert? What a loud of crap

As the prophet, Mr. Natural taught us all, 

It don't mean shit, it don't mean shit 
Nothing but prime BS designed to keep you in your place”

He laughed and laughed, soon all the gargoyles of the city 
Were in open revolt – they jumped off their perches 
And started marching around

Chanting - Peace is War, War is Peace 
Truth is a Lie, Lies are Truth

The Truth will set 
All Hail the Great and Powerful One

The head gargoyle looks at me, and says "Watch this!"

And jumps up and rides a rainbow sunbeam 
Into the bloody red light of the dawning rising sun

The other gargoyles follow suit 
Dancing, naked, making wild passionate love 
While laughing and riding the light

And the gloom lifts from my shoulder 
And I laugh and realized - "It don't mean shit"

And then my soul is free and I fly with the gargoyles 
To join my buddy the sun and as we sit high up above the earth

Smoking dope and drinking booze and looking down at the teaming mess 
Of what was left of humanity

I realized the ultimate reality of life 
"It don't mean shit"

And the terrorists are nothing but delusions 
Put in our heads and our hearts

By the depraved master programmer of the universe 
In service to the Great and Powerful One

The true Master of Creation
As long as we are not afraid our souls will be free
And so I laugh and laugh and the sun comes up 
The dark mists disappear

The Great and Powerful One is overthrown 
The terrorists go home, and I return to earth
Thinking that the long nightmare was over
Believing that we had won the war 
And kept our souls from going to hell

But I did not understand that the Great and Powerful One 
Had banished the terrorists, and conquered us all

In the name of freedom we had became slaves 
To his awful power and dark demands

God is indeed great, but the Great and Powerful One 
Has more power than mere God, and so we deserve our fate

Long live the Great and Powerful One 
Whom we love forever and ever, amen

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  1. Mr. Natural (Fred Natural) was a comic book character created by R. Crumb. He first appeared in the premiere issue of "Yarrowstalks" (May 5, 1967) but from late 1968 became most closely associated with "Zap Comix" which featured the label, "Fair Warning: For Adult Intellectuals Only." In 1976 and 1977 Crumb created an ongoing "Mr. Natural" strip for "The Village Voice," but by then was clearly tired of "the Natch" and took a long break from the character. Perhaps his most famous aphorism was, "Mr. Natural sez, Use the right tool for the job" — spoken on seeing his neurotic acolyte Flakey Foont using a pitchfork to unload a truck full of bowling balls. Asked, "What does it all mean?", he responds, "Don't mean sheeit..."
    The Great and Powerful are epithets closely associated with the Wizard of Oz, created by L. Frank Baum in 1900. He was revealed to be a fraud who pretended to have wondrous powers. Jake is not clear about what "the Great and Powerful One" refers to, but perhaps it isthe US government.


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