Sunday, January 17, 2016

Arlene Corwin writes

Goodness, God

Goodness, God,
I don’t know what to do with life,
In life, each day a question mark.
Even if I had no spark
Of something they call faith,
I would be forced to go to something
In my brain to lean on/ towards/ against;                  
That all-inclusive hug some label humbug.

I don’t see how others -
You know who  (all of you)
I, who feel a dope,
Twerp, dork,
In short, inadequate,
Carry on,
My primal
I sit here on a toadstool -
A molecule of wisdom in my noodle,
Sounding off.

Through awful incongruities
One offshoot offers up itself to you
More often than all others:
Offerer (that’s me)
To offeree.

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