Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nikki Anne Schmutz writes

 Mixed Colors

Years of red, years of green
years of something… in between.
A polluted mess of colors colliding,
colors protruding, colors sliding
into one another creating new hues
sticking to the bottom of my worn shoes.

Days of black, nights of white
weeks of sudden feelings of flight.
A tainted mixture of dark and light
both combining, both defining
an inner boundary around the hole
separating my heart from my soul.

Months of knowledge warningly imminent.
Months of awareness… taxing commitment.
Then a calming tempest of colors within,
soothing, bending, mending the sins.
Momentous change surrounds,
and my misplaced soul becomes found.

Hours of white, hours of light
Hours since the caged bird took flight.
Ribbons of liberated collaboration
within each and every situation
stitching the rend between
The present and the past invisibly seam.
 Ball, Color, Spectrum, Abstract, Pattern

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