Tuesday, January 26, 2016

C.b. Roberts writes


Silent cries of the soul 
Pierce the moonlit night. 
Singing the songs of agony 
From wrongs that can't be made right.

A choir of fallen angels 
Lift their voices tonight. 
The solemn sounds of desperation, 
In harmony…they unite.

Lyrics that can't be heard, 
Only felt with each tear cried. 
The melody of the lonely 
Lives on when the tears have dried.

Sing to me now, 
For you this night was made. 
The echoes of your hymn, 
A tragic serenade. 

Haunt me, comfort me, 
Sing your lullaby. 
Drifting off to sleep, 
I bid this world goodbye.

The ghosts of memory lane 
Gently sway and hum along. 
In me they do confide, 
As they sing my exit song.

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