Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mridula Menon writes


Lead kindly light
Lead us with the light in our hearts
A light bestowed on us by God
With so much loving care
Which we mortals
In our eagerness to live and enjoy life
Just dumped in the recesses of our hearts
Covered with malice
And with violent thoughts and emotions
Made it rust and lose its sparkle
Oh! God! Have mercy on us
Awaken us from this deluge of evil thoughts
That gnaw the sanctity and purity of our hearts
Distorting the nature and attitudes of us mortals
Childhood is lost, love is lost, life too is lost
We are blind in spite of being endowed with eyes
We are deaf, callously ignoring the cries
Of anguish of the hapless and the downtrodden
When will we be able to arise from this savage
Pit of shame, torture and helplessness
When will we purify our minds
To think coherently like the sons and daughters
We are of You, dear God
You, who have only love for us in your heart?
With trembling heart I wait in hope
For that day, when we will be delivered
From this Bethlehem of chaos
Into a land of love, compassion and peace. 

Image result for sergei yaralov bethlehem paintings
Bethlehem -- Sergei Yaralov

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  1. Bet Lehem ("House of Bread" in Hebrew) or Bayt Lahm ("House of Meat" in Arabic) is 10 lm (6.2 mi) south of Jerusalem. Named after Lehem the Canaanite fertility god, it was the city where Rachel, the wife of the Jewish patriarch Yisra'el, was buried, where king David of Israel was born and crowned, and where his descendant Jesus was born. According to "To kata Matthaion euangelion (the "Gospel According to Matthew") 3 magi ("wise men from the East," Zoroastrian priests who were adept at magic and astronomy) were guided there by a star to honor the infant Jesus. Ellen Gould White, one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1863, claimed the star was "a distant company of shining angels."


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