Friday, May 11, 2018

Heather Jephcott wtites

Preaching, Praying 

Don't disregard the amber lights of life.
Watch for them, see them,
otherwise you will crash.

Don't put on blindness 
the amber lights are speaking clearly
saying, "Change gears,
get ready to stop,
there will be traffic ahead!"

Don't turn off the alarms,
God-given they are there for our good
functioning as prophets.

Don't kill the prophets
turning off what they have to say.
They come with important messages.

Another diabolical message is being listened to,
a whole approach that masks symptoms,
shuts off the warnings so they will not be heard
and we can rest in comfort for a moment or two.

We diligently watch and listen to those
who are so called experts who also
are trying desperately to turn off the warning lights.
It is a strategy for our destruction.
We do not like pain.
We desire instant comfort
over longer term health.
We want a solution
that does not require repentance.

Oh dear Lord, You opened the eyes of the blind,
You healed with kindness
You gave voice to those who could not speak
no matter what the cause.

You are the God who promises.
Healing, wholeness, restoration
come from Your hands
and Your promises are true.
You do not mask reality.

You come to give us life in all its fullness.
The evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy,
so often dressed as an angel of light,
as a friend, beckoning our trust.

Help us to see the caution lights,
to give them our attention
rather than just listening
to those seemingly normal and kind
but telling us to ignore the lights.

Thank you for opening our eyes.
Help us to speak what we know to be true
with joy and love.
Help us to practice what we preach.
Image result for traffic light paintings
 Traffic-Light -- Mae-Connor

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