Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Glory Sasikala writes

Someone's Living In My Purse!

someone slipped into my handbag
i knew then sadness

a wet hanky

my bad hair day

they handed me a comb

they exchanged chocolates 

i'd sprayed into the bag

i found the wrappers in a corner

the tissue papers had messages in them

someone had drawn a moustache

on my pics

my credit cards were overdrawn

i swear i did not see them leave

but i found a new diamond ring

it lay beneath the wet hanky

i was washing clothes when i should have been jogging

my day list was all screwed up

someone's living in my purse

someone and someone and someone

and they're living my life.
Dali's Many Moustaches --  Josette Brouwer's 5th grade art class, Georgetown Elementary School, Hudsonville, Michigan

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Salvador Dalí

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  1. Dalí died on 23 January 1989 and was buried in a crypt below the stage of his Teatre-Museu Dalí in his hometown, Figueres, Catalunya. His body was exhumed on 20 July 2017 to settle a paternity suit. His embalmer, Narcís Bardalet, was amazed to see that his "mustache remains intact, marking 10 past 10, as he desired. It's a miracle. Dalí will be with us for a long time.” The mustache measured 25 cm and Michael Elsohn Ross called it a "heavily waxed and flexible work of art;" the painter himself referred to it as "the most serious part of my personality." In 1954 he and photographer Philippe Halsman published "Dali's Mustache: A Photographic Interview" with a series of questions, cryptic answers, and photos; the book ends with the query, "Could it be that you are crazy?" and the response, "I am certainly saner that the person who bought this book."


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