Thursday, May 10, 2018

Kevin M. Hibshman writes

laundry day

sneaking poetry in between loads of wash.
there is an event later so Wm. is giving himself a haircut.

my soul needs constant attention right now so a book is always on-hand, you know, nearby, hence the sneaking.

Wm. doesn't mind if it keeps me quiet plus i've tried to contribute to today's chores.

i'd be better at chores if not for poetry and music but my poetry would undoubtedly suffer.

the colors are now in the dryer.
teddy is holding court like the king of this castle he is, on the red towel by the door.

our neighbor Reggie loves to throw salt on the sidewalks even if there isn't much snow.
the towel is there to collect that salt before the three of us can spread it through the house.

Image result for laundry-day paintings
 Laundry Day -- Gregory Radionov

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