Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Felino A. Soriano writes

Piano Optimism

Steam opens the face.  Arithmetic
       eyes.  The pain in it     of it     a night of dishonorable
sleep weav
nightmare with cringe and
the desire for morning to
open a gift of innumerable

 Original illustration. Sleep paralysis. Night visitors. Nut. Ghosts. cat. Piano. Insomnia.
 Sleep Paralysis -- Diana Calabaza Cósmica

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  1. Dear Felino A Soriano,
    As one poet to another, would you be kind enough to explain the logic behind the format you chose. I don't understand the logic behind, and I would very much like to.
    I also don't understand the arithmetic image and would be so, so grateful if you explained it to me. It helps me to understand the way you think.
    But I like the message in the last three lines, because they sum up the essence beautifully.
    Arlene Corwin


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