Monday, May 21, 2018

John Patrick Robbins writes


Take this time and let it burn within the depths. 
A calm water reprise needs no place other than to exist as it may.

Was it a meaning we dared not explore? 
Did your regression empty the chambers of a withered soul?

Cracks in the mirror and wrinkles upon your face.
We cannot hide for much longer.

Fear is only not knowing the outcome,
and the lash of truths spoken from destroyed hearts.

I no longer walk amongst those I knew in friendships unnecessary.

Every chord played is one that draws you closer to the end.

Watch the rain outside.
But understand sometimes you will get caught outside as we all have to eventually.

Truth is never an easy pill to swallow but denial is a cancer.
No matter its intention it will kill you just the same.

We knew the actions no matter how blind we chose to be.
Anna Halprin Still dancing at 86  Photographer Mike Van Sleen
Anna Halperin -- Mike Van Sleen

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  1. Anna Halprin was one of the pioneers of postmodern dance. With composer John Cage and others, she founded the San Francisco Dancer’s Workshop in 1959 to develop explorative forms of dance not constrained by the technical constraints of modern dance, aiming to allow dancers to be
    "aware of your own movement and empathizing with others." In the 1960s, with her husband landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, she initiated the RSVP Cycles (Resources, Scores, Valuaction and Performance) to extend her dance insights to nondancers. After developing colon cancer in 1971 she created the Tamalpa Institute, a non-profit research and educational arm of the San Francisco Dancer’s Workshop that offers training in a creative process integrating psychology, body therapies, and education with dance, art, and drama, as a means for healing and resolving social conflict. Using movement, dialogue, voice, drawing, improvisation, performance, and reflection, she also organized "Life/Art Process" workshops for the terminally ill.


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