Tuesday, May 22, 2018

John Doyle writes

Song for Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd,
you're a pinball
stuck in grid-iron fields,

kicking field-goals
for the girl of your dreams,
glasses half-steamed,

as the game comes to its Charleston slacks and shoes finale -
the universe lies exposed
in twinkling stars on Mildred Davis’s sunrise cheeks.

Harold Lloyd, 1928,
girls in flappers run to you,
the rising of cool-cool steam, a nickelodeon of future dreams

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  1. Along with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd was the most important American silent comedy film stars of the 1920s. The persona that made him famous 1st appeared in 1918 and continued into the 1930s. Mildred Davis appeared in one of his short film "From Hand to Mouth" in 1919; they starred in 14 more films together and married in 1923. They stayed together until her death in 1969; he survived until 1971.


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