Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo writes

Bleeding As I Breathe 

Introspection -
Deciphering codes ebbed in words
Unspoken -
The language of angels speak to me in tongues
Familiarity -
The once dormant emotion within me
Awakens -
Words flow in all directions
Leading to pathways -
Crossroads -
I rummage through my missing vocabulary
Find the Message entombed inside a dream -
Succumbing -
I bleed as I breathe
Gasping for air within a hidden chamber on my mind
Engulfed -
Angelic whisperings envelope my being
Serenading damsels in distress
Bleeding as I breathe
Enthralling words emerge out of a deaf’s sign
Magical -
Unspoken utterings waiting for the Perfect Time
To be revealed in a dream within a dream.
 File:Paul Cézanne - Kiss of the Muse, c. 1863.jpg
Le Baiser de la Muse (Kiss of the Muse) -- Paul Cézanne

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