Saturday, May 5, 2018

A. Gene Childe writes

Prayer for Janie

So many years down this twisted road,
Far-traveled this heart from maverick meander;
Now a moment, some minutes, of music
      that played behind us those nights

The notes and voice unchanged through time,
And thus my heart feels you close, and clearly;
Too, my arms and hands – even fingers –
      recall afresh your softness, warmth

A smile (some gold, a halo) alit before me;
Work and duties finished, evening opened,
Whispers in the night down roads I'll never find,
      smoke or fog let loose, embracing

Private grasp, tender touch, taste of mint;
scent of summer, sense of heat... your heart
Explored together while wire untwisted
      brought in melody (and muse) and stars

Today and now, the winter draws ever nigh
Cool air and clouds and distant sun
Too long gone past our heat together
      when dark enfolded hearts unharnessed

Our play of youth, dance of lip and tongue, touch,
To years unceasing I've not surrendered
Within a soul that trusts you, too, some days recall
      eager young hands, tender wordless love

Miles away, dizzy years far driven,
I pray for you, sweet Jane, the love your trust deserved,
The hand of God about you, His peace all-filling
      the ages here inside that never left us;

That: time unthinking still carried you kindly,
Bearing you gently on through the world I left you
And at times unbidden unaging songs
      whisper yet my younger touch to you

Honeymoon Couple Painting-The Painter's Honeymoon by Frederic Leighton
The Painter's Honeymoon -- Frederic Leighton

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