Friday, May 11, 2018

Eddie Awusi writes


I saw you going
in a hobbling shuttle
Of waves and winds.
In a dreary dreadful furrow
Into the disdainful waistline
of heartless high seas.
In hubristic ferries
of guts and indifference.
Then, suddenly this pushcart silence!
What were you thinking,
Dutifully engaging the divine majesties,
Of the deep blue pacific?
Didn't you know how it is forbidden,
Of mere mortal man, to gaze into the eyes
Of the versatile sea?
I heard their judgment
That made the sea -
Your last adventure, death bed, your graveyard.
Passed in a strange tongue,
I picked up among the huldufolk.
-- Þrándur Þórarinsson

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  1. The Huldufólk ("hidden people") and live in little houses in the rocks in Iceland. They are described as beautiful, powerful, alluring, and carefree. In the Faroe Islands between Iceland and Norway they are said to be large in build, their hair is black, their clothes are gray, and they dislike crosses, churches, and electricity. In one account they maintained their neutrality during Lucifer's revolt and were driven from Heaven. They are sometimes regarded as the descendants of Adan;s 1st wife Lilith. In another, God visited the Garden of Eden and wanted to meet the children of Adam. Eve was still in the midst of washing them, so she hid the ones who were still dirty. God then declared that those who had been hidden from him would also be hidden from mankind. These dirty children thus became the first Huldufólk.


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